Expected ship date week of Jan 22nd, 2020.

A long-awaited grimoire. Discipline and cleaning & organizing are things I seem to be known for. In my personal space, I'm very fastidious about things being clean and organized, and I view it as something I do for myself yet also feel conflicted about the deeper meanings of its values. So I decided to write about it.

I used to be a very messy child. You couldn't see the floor in my room, and I would dash across the crap pile, and locate things by triangulating their last known whereabouts by crap quadrant. One day - I must've been seven or eight - I cleaned up my room.

I don't know why I cleaned it that day out of the blue. I had just decided, is my only recollection. It surprised my mom, as did the reason. I've kept my personal space organized ever since.

I wonder now if maybe I hadn't realized the burden it was to my mom who would have to spend the whole day cleaning her child's room every few weeks.

Here's some of the section titles:
The bitch's retreat
Not purity. Not order.
Take good care of your tools and they'll take care of you.
Keeping altars.
Beauty as a sensation.
Letting things go.
Just remember that you'll have to live with it.

and others.

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